Wee trip to Edinburgh

Edinburgh is easily one of my favourite cities, so I was pretty excited when some friends and I decided to beat the January blues and go.

First stop, accommodation. First question, New Town or Old Town? New Town is more cosmopolitan, with cocktail bars and restaurants on George Street, and shopping on Princes Street. Old town is the historic part of the city (massive Harry Potter vibes).

We decided to go for a traditional townhouse apartment in New Town (click link to have a nosey). It was in a great location, the host was very accommodating with a flexible check in. There was also free parking at the weekend, which was only 160 metres away. If you want to bag a good bargain then the end of January is definitely a good time, particularly in Edinburgh, as they've just had Hogmanay, so it tends to quieten down after that.

Due to driving up after work on Friday, we arrived pretty late. So it was time for pyjamas, prosecco and pizza!

The next day's main agenda was brunch. We com…

The Binge List: November

This month I've been...Listening to...Music"Bougie Queen Chill" playlist.
Everyone is always looking for the perfect, lazy - yet sassy - Sunday Morning playlist, right? Well the search is over! I promise that you'll find a little gem in this playlist. It's on Spotify, created by Cholda (Chloe Plumstead), called "Bougie Queen Chill" - you're welcome. PodcastSerial - Season 3.

Taking on true crime yet again, via the raspy tones of Sarah Koenig, Serial is back. This season switches the angle by looking at numerous, "ordinary" cases, rather than one, extraordinary conundrum. 

Based around Cleveland's justice centre, Koenig and co tackle everyday cases for everyday people. This is crime at street level - warts and all. Race, corruption, and harrowing accounts from "victims" of the American legal system.

It's as fascinating as it is worrying.

* nb: if you haven't already listened to Season 1 then drop everything you're doing…

Matera - Living in a Cave.

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Matera. The third oldest city in the world. A hidden gem in Southern Italy.

In this post I will be sharing how we got there, where we stayed, ate, drank, and what we did when it rained.
Getting There.
Before arriving in Matera, we had to embark on the logistical nightmare of how to actually get there, but, with a little research, we found a way.

Matera has recently been awarded the European Capital of Culture, which has led to the reconstruction of the train line between Bari and Matera. This is great for future tourists, but not ideal for us. Also, buses ran at bizarre times that just didn't fit with our flight times. And hiring a car? Well, just no - trust me.

So what did we do? Well, we organised an amazing tour guide who picked us up from Bari and drove us to Matera! Fabrizio then gave us a tour of the city made of stone, including it's history and recommendations for places to see and places to eat. He also taught us some Italian phrases on t…