The Binge List: November

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"Bougie Queen Chill" playlist.

Everyone is always looking for the perfect, lazy - yet sassy - Sunday Morning playlist, right? Well the search is over! I promise that you'll find a little gem in this playlist. It's on Spotify, created by Cholda (Chloe Plumstead), called "Bougie Queen Chill" - you're welcome.


Serial - Season 3.

Taking on true crime yet again, via the raspy tones of Sarah Koenig, Serial is back. This season switches the angle by looking at numerous, "ordinary" cases, rather than one, extraordinary conundrum. 

Based around Cleveland's justice centre, Koenig and co tackle everyday cases for everyday people. This is crime at street level - warts and all. Race, corruption, and harrowing accounts from "victims" of the American legal system.

It's as fascinating as it is worrying.

* nb: if you haven't already listened to Season 1 then drop everything you're doing and listen to it. Immediately! It'll be your 'Making a Murder' fix on your work commute. 



The dark winter nights are here, and it's the perfect opportunity to crack on with that list of 'must watch TV shows' that have been accumulating. But which series' should be top of that list?

Well, I went for one with prominent, and often graphic, executions (The Blood Eagle; if you know, you know), a strong independent woman (move over Khaleesi), and a is~he~fit~or~not kind of crush (Ragnor Lothbrok). Yes - it's Vikings. I've got to admit, it took a few episodes, but once you're in, you're in. I hate spoilers, and I'm still dealing with how the last episode ended, so I'll just leave it there.

* nb: Vikings is available on Amazon Prime.


The Rules of Seeing

I've started a new book this week called 'The Rules of Seeing' by Joe Heap.

One of the characters in the story, Nova, is "cured" of her blindness. Nova struggles making sense of her new found surroundings. The story will make you look at the world from a different perspective. With a mix of lighthearted, funny reading and a twist of a psychological thriller, it certainly makes for an interesting read.

* nb: at the time of writing this book is available on Amazon for just 99p!


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